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Sewage treatment plants

We present you our newest product - an effective solution for sewage treatment problems. Sewage treatment plants 2000 and 3000; equipment for the treatment (biodegradation) of sewage from several households in a residential building. Treated sewage is discharged into the soil. It is a traditional solution that is cheap, does not require an external source of supply and is easy to operate. Properly chosen and used Marseplast sewage treatment plants are fail-safe and can function properly for several dozen years.
Regular maintenance of such a tank includes only the disposal of sediment (every 2 years), cleaning of the filter and drainage (twice a year) and replenishing bacteria (every 1-2 months). Both the tank and other elements of the sewage treatment plant are made of polyethylene with high density and chemical resistance, and the low weight of settling tanks makes transport and assembly easier.

Small Sewage Treatment Plants 2000 and 3000 have 10-year warranty.

Small Sewage Treatment Plants 2000 and 3000 meet the following standards: EN 12566-1:2000/A1:2003, EN 12566-1:2004/A 1:2006
Small sewage treatment plants for the total number of inhabitants and population equivalents (PT) of 50 prefabricated septic tanks. The septic tank has the CE mark.

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