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Rotational molding

Rotational molding (rotomolding) consists in pouring a specific amount of raw material in the form of a powder, fine granulated product, or pouring raw material in the form of a liquid into an empty mold in the shape of the product and putting this mold in motion in two perpendicular axes.

At the same time, the form with raw material is heated until the material sticks to the walls of the mold in order to form the shape of the product. Then, the rotating mold is cooled until the material solidifies. The mold is opened and the ready product is removed from the mold.

Rotational molding is a very demanding technological method: starting from the preparation of suitable raw material, through the construction of an appropriate mold, to the proper completion of the process.

The products manufactured using this method have the following advantages:

  • they are free of internal stresses (deformations),
  • they can have different thickness of the walls,
  • they can have any shape and color,
  • they can have molded-in metal elements (handles, locks, catches, ornaments).

Another advantage of rotational molding is related to economical aspects:

  • inexpensive production of all sizes of products in small batches,
  • low costs of preparation of the molds,
  • fast manufacturing lead time,
  • no discards.

Rotational molding is most often used to produce:

  • water, oil, fuel containers,
  • housings, casings and roofs for vehicles,
  • containers for sand, scrap material, pallets,
  • garden furniture, plant pots, toys.

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